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Ant Remover Spray


Aranya Ant Remover – Ant Killer Spray with Natural Ingredients – 100ml | Guava, Ginger, Curry Leaves, Ashwagandha, Mint Infused | Effective Ant Repellent for Home and Office | Safe for Babies and Pets | Eco-friendly and Non-toxic

About this Item:

  • Natural Key Ingredients: Utilizing the power of nature, Aranya ant remover spray features a unique blend of guava, ginger, curry leaves, ashwagandha, and mint. These natural ingredients work together to deter ants while avoiding harsh chemicals.
  • Convenient Spray Application: Applying Aranya Ant Remover is hassle-free. The convenient spray bottle allows you to precisely target ant-prone areas, providing an easy and efficient solution to your ant troubles.
  • Safe for Babies and Pets: Worried about using ant remover around your loved ones? Our non-toxic formula is safe for babies and pets, ensuring a family-friendly solution to your ant problems.
  • Odor-Free Formula: Aranya Ant Remover handles ant issues without leaving any unpleasant smells behind.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Versatile and convenient, offering protection against ant infestations in various areas of your home, from kitchen countertops to garden paths.


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